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What Causes Whiplash

What causes the wide variety of whiplash symptoms? The majority of symptoms are the result of muscle strain or injury from the intense forward/backward jolt of the head and neck. This type of injury is common in an automobile accident, particularly a rear-end accident. Thousands of people every year are the victims of an injury that causes whiplash pain.

The type of treatment, or what works best for relief of pain, is determined by the type and extent of the injury. If only the soft tissue (or muscles) of the neck are affected, the treatment involves comfort measures such as support with a cervical collar, medications to relieve pain and stiffness, and heat to relax the muscle. If the injury involves the inner space of the cervical spine, surgery may be the best option.

Relieving Symptoms and What Causes Whiplash Discomfort
What appears to be a minor whiplash injury often causes extensive pain and discomfort for weeks. Whiplash often causes hoarseness and difficulty swallowing as a result of the swelling and tightness of the neck muscles. Turning from side to side may become increasingly painful. In addition, severe muscles spasms and blurred vision may result from a whiplash injury.

Treatment is available at The Bonati Institute for relief of the symptoms of whiplash. Simply send in your recent MRI film for a complete analysis, as well as a written recommendation of what your future treatment should entail.

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