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Thoracic Spondylosis

Disc degeneration, or spondylosis, can be observed via x-rays or an MRI. Spondylosis is the narrowing of the disc space between vertebrae, which makes the disc more likely to herniate or bulge. Spondylosis in the thoracic region of the spine is noted in the majority of older patients. Men typically are diagnosed with evidence of spondylosis about 10 years earlier than women.

As the disc space narrows and the nerve roots become compromised, a variety of symptoms begins to appear. Pain in the mid-section of the trunk is common--including chest and upper abdominal pain. There may be some radiating pain in the extremities--depending on the location of the thoracic spondylosis. Other signs of thoracic spondylosis may include muscle weakness and tingling.

Cutting-Edge Thoracic Spondylosis Treatment
The most likely treatment for relief from thoracic spondylosis at The Bonati Institute is an arthroscopic laser foremenoplasty procedure. A small incision is made in the back with the patient under local and low-level sedation. Using an endoscope and arthroscopic surgical instruments, direct visualization is made of the diseased disc material. Decompression of the affected nerve root is completed.

With a short recovery and rehabilitation time, the patient can quickly return to a normal lifestyle. Many patients recognize an improvement immediately following surgery. The Bonati Procedures designed and used at The Bonati Institute give an alternative to traditional surgery that requires lengthy hospitalization.

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