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Thoracic Radiculopathy

Degenerative disc disease and diabetes mellitus are the most familiar causes of thoracic radiculopathy. It is often difficult to diagnose these and other spine-related abnormalities in the thoracic region. For that reason, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electromyography (EMG) are beneficial in determining the root cause of pain or discomfort in the middle to upper back region of the spine.

Symptoms of thoracic radiculopathy may include chronic intermittent anterior thoracic pain, acute non-traumatic thoracic radicular pain, and tenderness in the medial scapular region. In diabetics, the pain of thoracic radiculopathy is generally intense, burning, or shooting pain that radiates to one side from the thoracic nerve root.

Minimally-Invasive Thoracic Radiculopathy Repair
These symptoms may be confused with cardiac or abdominal pain and require definitive tests to determine the source. For instance, left-sided thoracic radiculopathy can easily be mistaken for cardiac disease, and symptoms of right-sided thoracic radiculopathy are similar to those experienced with a gallbladder attack. Symptoms alone do not provide a definitive diagnosis.

At The Bonati Institute, the team of specialists uses the latest technology for diagnosing and treating thoracic radiculopathy. The success rate for endoscopic and arthroscopic laser procedures is in excess of 90 percent, with many patients reporting immediate improvement of symptoms. With only a tiny incision for the insertion of the instruments, the necessary repair is done under a local anesthetic. The patient is treated on an outpatient basis instead of the extended hospitalization that's often required with invasive procedures.

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