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Spondylitis Symptoms

Ankylosing spondylitis, a progressive inflammatory condition of the spine, is chronic and hereditary. As a type of spinal arthritis, it can develop into a painful and debilitating disease. The first symptoms of spondylitis are often noted in the sacroiliac joints. Pain is evident as the disease progresses, and ossification may cause spinal canal narrowing leading to neurological involvement.

Symptoms of spondylitis may include limited motion beginning in the lumbar region, stiffness, and increased pain with movement. Symptoms in the thoracic region may include limited chest expansion and pain. As the inflammation of the disc space increases, the thickening of the fibrous tissue increases the pressure on the nerve roots, which causes pain.

Alleviating Spondylitis Symptoms through Surgery
Treatment of spondylitis symptoms may require surgery to alleviate the pressure on the nerve roots in the spinal canal. At The Bonati Institute, the minimally invasive surgery known as The Bonati Procedure has helped thousands with pain from cervical and lumbar spine problems return to a normal lifestyle. The arthroscopic surgery is designed as an advanced outpatient surgery that is performed under a local anesthetic.

Whether the procedure for spondylitis symptoms requires vertebral stabilization, removal of tissue to reduce pressure on the nerve roots, or any other intervention, the surgeons at The Bonati Institute have the training and high-tech equipment for great results. Many patients report immediate pain relief following surgical intervention using The Bonati Procedures. In fact, the success rate is more than 95 percent. Compared with the 50 percent success rate of traditional open-back surgeries, The Bonati Procedures can offer real relief.

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