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Spinal Cord Compression

Spinal cord compression is the result of a compression fracture to the spine. This most often occurs in one of two ways. First, patients involved in traumatic accidents may sustain injuries to the vertebrae, which causes the vertebrae to collapse. For example, spinal cord compression may occur following a fall or similar accident.

The second type of spinal cord compression is seen in patients suffering from osteoporosis. This is more common in older patients, since osteoporosis is a condition that causes the bone to thin. As the bones thin, the load of the spinal column often becomes more than the vertebrae can support. Spinal cord compression from osteoporosis can happen over an extended period before the patient begins noticing intermittent symptoms.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Spinal Cord Compression
Treating spinal cord compression may require surgical intervention to relieve the pressure on the nerve roots. The advantages of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery are a welcome alternative to an open back surgical procedure, which requires hospitalization. This is especially important in the case of the elderly patients who cannot undergo general anesthesia. The outpatient procedure at The Bonati Institute allows the patient to have surgery under a local anesthetic.

Treatment of spinal cord compression due to osteoporosis involves more than just repairing the damaged vertebrae. In order to avoid future episodes of fracture and compression, it's important to manage the underlying cause of osteoporosis. The staff at The Bonati Institute offers a complete medical management team, from diagnosis and treatment to pain management and physical therapy.

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