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Slipped Discs

There are many terms used to identify spinal disc abnormalities: slipped discs, disc protrusion, pinched nerve, herniated disc, sciatica, bulging disc, and more. Since there are so many names for similar symptoms, it's important to have a thorough medical examination by a back specialist to determine the actual location of the pain.

For instance, just knowing one has pain in the lower back isn't enough for a diagnosis--the specific location (such as L4-5/5-S1) is much more definitive. The difference between whether the pain is disc pain or nerve pain from slipped discs is crucial to making the right choice in treatment. For instance, in a degenerated disc, the pain is often actually the disc space. In a herniated disc, the pain is the result of pressure on the nerve that produces radicular pain.

Alternative Surgery for Slipped Discs
Slipped discs can occur from severe, sudden strain, or with no apparent strain at all. The lower back is the most common location for a disc to tear, allowing the nucleus to be forced into the spinal canal. In the case of disc degeneration, the process may occur over an extended period. Once the disc is compromised, it ceases to properly separate the vertebrae and protect the nerve roots that travel inside the spinal column.

Some herniated or slipped discs will heal without any type of intervention. On the other hand, many conditions require surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve roots or to repair the damaged discs. Before submitting to traditional open surgery for slipped disc repair, consider The Bonati Procedures at The Bonati Institute. The surgeons there can analyze your MRI and provide a no-cost diagnosis and recommendation.

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