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Scoliosis Pain

Scoliosis pain is one of the major deterrents to maintaining an adequate exercise program. In order to support the spine, it's important to be able to strengthen the muscles in the back. Often, people with pain from scoliosis will refrain from exercising, which leads to further complications. To compound matters, weaker muscles tend to allow the scoliosis to worsen over the years.

Pain from scoliosis is often related to the abnormal curvature of the spine, which results in pressure on the nerve roots that run up and down the center of the spinal column. This pressure may intensify as the condition worsens. Surgery is often the only option to relieve the pain associated with scoliosis.

Surgical Intervention for Scoliosis Pain
The type of surgery required to alleviate the symptoms will depend on the location of the curve and the amount of curvature in the spine. Scoliosis may involve just one curve, or there may be secondary curves. For instance, double curves are more likely to progress than single or smaller curves. Therefore, it's likely that the more vertebrae that are involved, the higher the risk for pain and the need for surgical intervention.

The surgeons at The Bonati Institute use the very latest technology and are experts in diagnosing and treating spine disorders--including pain caused by scoliotic nerve compression. The success rate for surgical intervention to treat scoliotic pain is high. At The Bonati Institute, all procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Because The Bonati Procedures produce minimal blood loss and far less tissue damage, patients from The Bonati Institute can experience rapid recovery and return to a normal lifestyle soon after the surgery.

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