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Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica symptoms can be constant, intermittent, or positional. Sometimes the intensity of the symptoms increase upon certain movements such as walking, sitting, or standing. At times, symptoms may decrease upon lying down, and other times, they may increase--depending on the location of the sciatica.

Symptoms such as a stabbing or shooting pain down the leg, tingling, and numbness can all be indicative of sciatica. Since the sciatic nerve complex runs the length of the leg from the lumbar spine, any of these symptoms may be present at any location on the extremity. For instance, foot or heel pain is as likely to be the result of sciatic nerve involvement as if the pain were in the hip or down the thigh.

Surgery to Relieve Sciatica Symptoms
Sciatica symptoms should not be ignored. Any time there is nerve impingement, it must be alleviated in order to reduce the probability of permanent damage. The longer the irritated or compressed nerve is left untreated, the more likely one may suffer irreparable damage. Unfortunately, the prevalence of failed back surgery using the older, open incision procedure has led many to discount the option of surgical intervention.

At The Bonati Institute, a new concept in the surgical approach to back or neck surgery has given thousands of patients relief from distressing sciatica symptoms. A surgical option called The Bonati Procedure is used with great success treating the underlying causes of sciatica. With minimal bleeding, local anesthesia, and rapid recovery, patients often leave the outpatient surgical site with pain-free movement.

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