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Individuals suffering from radiculitis report pain that radiates along a nerve path because of pressure on the nerve root where it connects to the spine. The location and type of pain depends on the area of the spine where the compression occurs. For instance, radiculitis in the cervical spine may cause pain in the neck or radiate down the arm. If located in the thoracic spine, radiculitis may cause pain in the chest area.

The most common complaint, however, is in the lower or lumbar area, with pain in the hips, legs, and feet. This type of pain is often called sciatica, since it most usually originates from the lumbar region, where the sciatic nerves enter the spinal canal. Sciatica is a common problem for those suffering from disc deterioration or injury involving the lower back.

Resolving Radiculitis
In the case of an injury, the cause and location of the damaged nerve is most often easy to identify. When radiculitis is the result of a slow onset disease such as osteoarthritis, the precise location of the affected nerve is more difficult to define. When the exact source is unknown, extensive testing may be required to determine the appropriate course of action.

The Bonati Institute has a full team of surgeons specifically trained in diagnosing and treating cervical and lumbar spine disorders, including radiculitis. If you have been diagnosed with a condition and told that surgery is the best option for pain relief, explore the options available at The Bonati Institute. The advantages of using The Bonati Procedures include minimal tissue disruption, faster recovery, and no overnight hospitalization.

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