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Neural Foraminal Narrowing

Neural foraminal narrowing is a common result of disc degeneration. Spinal nerves pass through an opening in the spinal column known as the foramen. The process of disc degeneration or bulging causes the foramen to become narrower. Once the foraminal opening reaches a point of compressing the nerves inside the spinal column, pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness often occur.

Other possible causes of neural foraminal narrowing include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic meningitis, tumors, and neurofibromas. Any type of neural involvement should be identified and treated to limit the amount of permanent damage that can result. The most common method of confirming a diagnosis of neural foraminal narrowing involves some type of diagnostic imaging--MRI, CAT scan, etc.

Neural Foraminal Narrowing Treatment
While pharmacological management of neural foraminal narrowing symptoms may be minimally beneficial at the onset, surgery is often the only answer for complete resolution. Foraminal narrowing may be difficult to diagnose since the symptoms are most often on one side only, the pain is slow developing and may increase over the years, and the pain is not continual.

If surgical intervention is indicated and you're not sure about the most effective type of surgery for you, the surgeons at The Bonati Institute will review your recent MRI at no cost. You'll get a written report of the findings, along with a recommendation for the procedure most likely to resolve your symptoms. The Bonati Institute uses the very latest technology in a state-of-the-art ambulatory care center. All procedures are minimally invasive and are performed under a local anesthetic, which means a more rapid recovery than that of traditional open procedures under general anesthesia.

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