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Nerve Compression Syndrome

Nerve compression is a condition that should be taken seriously, since nerve damage and muscle weakness can occur if left untreated. Generally, some type of nerve compression syndrome is noted when there is excessive or repetitive pressure on one or more nerve roots. Any time there is direct contact with the nerve as it passes over a hard surface (such as a bony prominence), there is opportunity to sustain nerve damage.

The extent of the damage depends on the amount of pressure and the length of time the nerve compression occurs. One of the most familiar types of nerve compression is carpal tunnel syndrome. With carpal tunnel syndrome, there is often numbness or tingling in the hand, loss of dexterity, and frequent pain in the arm and shoulder. This syndrome is a classic example of the effects of repetitive motion on inadequately protected nerve endings.

Successfully Treating Nerve Compression Syndrome
Other areas of the body are subject to the same type of nerve compression that is found in carpal tunnel syndrome. For instance, osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease can cause undue pressure on the nerve roots in the spinal column, which leads to nerve compression. The symptoms are typically the same as with carpal tunnel syndrome--numbness, tingling, and pain--except the manifestation is in the lower back or down the legs.

The Bonati Institute offers an advanced, minimally invasive alternative to old-fashioned open back surgery. These laser-assisted endoscopic and arthroscopic techniques, known as The Bonati Procedures, are performed on an outpatient basis. The less invasive and less traumatic nature of these procedures makes it possible to return to normal daily activities much sooner than after traditional open back surgery, which requires hospitalization. Pain relief from nerve compression syndrome is routinely treated successfully at The Bonati Institute.

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