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Multilevel Degenerative Disc Disease

Multilevel degenerative disc disease affects more than one vertebra. For instance, if one level is damaged, such as the L4/5 disc, there is often subsequent damage to the level above. The L4/5-L5/S1 region of the lower spine supports the majority of the body's weight. When there is damage to this region, often discs such as L3/L4 will begin experiencing distress due to the added weight distribution.

Multilevel intervention is often necessary to repair degenerative disc damage to obtain pain relief. Degenerative disc disease affects the entire spine as the discs begin to deteriorate and stress on the spinal canal increases. The pressure on the spinal nerves as a result of this deterioration can lead to unbearable pain in the lower body--hips, legs, and feet.

Pain-Free Multilevel Degenerative Disc Disease
Diagnosis of multilevel degenerative disc disease is confirmed through a series of tests which may include a CT scan, an MRI, and other imaging studies. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, and if non-invasive measures such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications do not control the pain, surgery is usually the only option for relief.

The Bonati Procedures provide a proven alternative to highly invasive open spine surgery, which employs general anesthetic and produces a prolonged recovery time. The surgeons at The Bonati Institute are highly skilled in laser-assisted advanced arthroscopic spine surgery. All arthroscopic surgeries, including multilevel disc involvement, are performed under a local anesthetic in a state-of-the-art ambulatory care center. The Bonati Institute offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to lumbar and cervical spine conditions.

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