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Lumbosacral Spondylosis

The lumbosacral joint is the portion of the spine known as L5-S1--where the lumbar spine and sacrum attach. Spondylosis is a condition of the spine where stiffness or fixation of a vertebral joint occurs. Spondylosis may also be identified as spondylitis or ankylosing spondylitis--inflammation of the spinal vertebrae.

The condition known as lumbosacral spondylosis may be the result of a traumatic spinal injury or some type of rheumatoid disease process. It is most commonly diagnosed in patients over 50 years of age, and it is considered to be the result of aging. Increasing low-back pain and morning stiffness are often the symptoms that cause a patient to seek medical attention. To obtain an accurate diagnosis, diagnostic imaging such as an MRI or CAT scan should be included in the examination process.

Pain Relief from Lumbosacral Spondylosis
When the lumbosacral joint is affected, the major support region of the spine is stressed. If left untreated, more vertebral levels of the spine may be affected as the weight-bearing duties are stretched to regions above the diseased joint. Only a qualified back specialist is able to accurately diagnose lumbosacral spondylosis and recommend the appropriate treatment.

The prognosis is good for lumbosacral spondylosis when treatment is obtained early in the disease process. At The Bonati Institute, the physicians and surgeons are among the most experienced in the nation in repairing conditions such as lumbosacral spondylosis. Using endoscopic and arthroscopic laser techniques and patented instrumentation, The Bonati Institute is a world destination for advanced spinal surgery.

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