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Lumbar Radiculitis

Lumbar radiculitis is an inflammation or irritation of a nerve root in the lower, or lumbar, region of the spine. When radiculitis is present, there is always some degree of pain present. This pain is a result of pressure on the nerve root (radicle) where it connects to the spinal column. The most common form of lumbar radiculitis is sciatica.

The amount and location of pain and symptoms may differ from one patient to another. Depending on the location of the source of said pain, one may experience pain in the upper thigh, lower back, calf, foot, or gluteal muscles. Radiculitis is a type of pain that radiates down and along the sciatic nerve.

Treatment for Lumbar Radiculitis
Treatment for lumbar radiculitis varies, depending on the severity of the pain. Initial treatment is generally some type of pain relief medication and anti-inflammatory therapy. For long-term relief and resolution of the pain, surgery is often necessary. The Bonati Institute offers an advanced outpatient alternative to "open" back surgery.

The Bonati Institute is an ambulatory surgical center with physicians and surgeons who are highly skilled in recognizing and treating the symptoms of radiculitis. The Bonati Procedures involve a much shorter recovery time than traditional open surgical procedures due to the use of microsurgical incisions. The Bonati Procedures also produce less tissue damage, meaning that the patient can often return to a normal lifestyle within hours or days following the procedure.

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