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Lumbago, or low back pain, can stem from a variety of causes. Those suffering from lumbago can include younger people whose work environments or other activities induce back pain. In older patients, lumbago usually results from wear and tear on spinal bones and cartilage.

The pain associated with lumbago can be sharp and acute or chronic (defined as lasting longer that three consecutive months). In general, the chronic kind tends to point to some persistent problem in the spine, such as spondylolisthesis (a slipped disc) or osteoarthritis. In addition to pain that begins in the lower back and sometimes radiates toward the thigh, buttocks and/or groin, lumbago can cause restricted movement of the spine and make bending difficult. Other symptoms include muscle spasms around the spine, change in back posture, or tingling in the leg region.

How is Lumbago Diagnosed and Treated?
Lumbago is most often diagnosed through a careful medical history coupled with advanced tools such as MRI or CT scan equipment. The course of treatment may vary greatly depending on the cause of the lumbago, the type of pain, the age of the patient and the severity of the case. However, physical therapy and certain medications are frequently the first line methods prescribed.

If your lumbago is persistent and does not respond to more conservative treatments, surgery could be an option. The types of procedures performed at The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery, one of the world's leading spine centers, have a 90+ percent success rate and require relatively little recovery time. For details, please see The Bonati Institute online at www.bonati.com.

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