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Herniated Disc Symptoms

Herniated discs are a relatively common problem most often caused by the gradual process of aging. The vertebrae of your spine are protected from one another by spongy spacers called discs, each of which consists of a fibrous material wrapped around a gel-like center. By the time we reach 30, these discs--which are 80 percent water--have already begun to dry out.

By our 50s, these spinal discs are significantly more rigid and dry and provide less cushioning. The fibrous exterior (annulus fibrosis) may begin to weaken and tear. A herniated disc occurs when the inner substance (the nucleus pulposus) leaks out from the outer layer, causing a protrusion. When this material pokes far enough into the spinal canal to touch a nerve, you will feel symptoms of pain and numbness.

Treating Herniated Disc Symptoms
The symptoms of a herniated disc can sometimes be treated by nonsurgical means. These include physical therapy, medication, heat therapy and other treatments. A herniated disc may also shrink away from the spinal cord on its own, putting an end to symptoms.

However, certain types of herniated discs and serious cases that involve the compression of many nerve roots typically require surgery. The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery has been a leader in the field of minimally invasive spinal surgery since 1981. To learn more about The Bonati Procedures and their many benefits, please explore the information available on The Bonati Institute's website, www.bonati.com. A complimentary MRI review is offered to new patients, and knowledgeable staff members are always available to take your calls.

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