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Failed Open Laminectomy

A laminectomy is the surgical procedure to remove parts of the vertebrae (or bones) and the tissue that is compressing the spinal cord (nerve roots). Traditional or old-fashioned surgical techniques involve making an open incision through layers of supporting muscle tissue. Open laminectomy may be done as an anterior or posterior procedure, depending on the location of the affected nerve root.

The success rate for pain resolution with the older surgical techniques is so poor that many patients experience a failed open laminectomy. This diagnosis may be determined if the pain is not resolved, if there is regrowth of the lamina, if additional spinal stenosis develops, and if instability develops.

Prognosis for Failed Open Laminectomy
Because of the high rate of failed open laminectomies, a better type of surgical intervention has been developed. The Bonati arthroscopic laser procedure is designed to treat the underlying cause of the nerve compression through a tiny incision. Local anesthesia is used for the procedure, and the patient remains fully alert. With the use of laser technology, the damage to supporting muscle tissue is minimal, and the recovery is rapid.

At The Bonati Institute, patients previously diagnosed with failed open laminectomy are reporting immediate results following the arthroscopic laser procedure. Instead of weeks of surgical recovery followed by months of therapy, many patients begin rehabilitation within hours of surgery. Post-operative pain management from The Bonati Institute often includes the use of a Transcutaneus Nerve Stimulator rather than traditional narcotic pain relief.

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