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Failed Open Discectomy

A discectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a ruptured disc that is irritating a nerve in the spinal column. Unfortunately, a large percent of traditional discectomy surgeries fail. A failed open discectomy is one of the most disappointing outcomes of old-fashioned or traditional open back surgery. Many people have endured the long recovery process of such a procedure, only to learn that the outcome is poor. Not only is this a physically painful experience, it's also very difficult to deal with emotionally.

The Bonati Institute can help alleviate the pain of a failed open discectomy. The Bonati Institute's surgeons perform a procedure using specially designed instruments to remove the diseased disc material. Once the disc material is removed, a laser is used to vaporize the surrounding diseased tissue. The laser is used to further shrink and restructure the remaining disc. Once the procedure is complete, all that is needed is a small dressing over the incision.

Opportunity for Failed Open Discectomy Repair
The procedures performed at The Bonati Institute are so successful, many people report immediate relief. Instead of waiting weeks or days to begin rehabilitation, the patient can often start the rehabilitation process within hours of surgery. In addition, narcotic-free pain management is available through The Bonati Institute.

The benefits of choosing The Bonati Procedures for failed open discectomy repair include minimal blood loss, minimal tissue damage, more rapid return to normal daily activities, and less overall risk due to the use of a local anesthetic. As a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center, The Bonati Institute has the best option for back repair related to failed open discectomy.

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