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Failed Open Back Surgery

Failed open back surgery is often referred to as FBSS, or failed back surgery syndrome. The degree of success achieved by open back surgery is measured according to actual pain relief. For simpler single-level fusions, as many as 40 to 80 percent of operations result in considerable relief of pain. However, with more complicated three-level fusions, the success rate drops to about 15 percent.

FBSS can take a variety of forms depending on the nature of surgery involved. One kind of failed open back surgery is called residual foraminal stenosis, which results from a failure to fully expose the nerve root during the original operation so that the foramen is not completely cleared. Residual spinal stenosis refers to a persistent narrowing of the spinal canal following surgery. Spinal instability results from too much of the supporting spinal structures being removed, while painful disc disease refers to lasting discomfort in the discs that separate vertebrae.

Treating Failed Open Back Surgery
Patients of failed open back surgery can often achieve greater success through arthroscopic surgery. This is a newer form of surgery that is minimally invasive, involves the use of precise lasers and small surgical tools manipulated with the aid of an endoscopic camera, and requires significantly less recovery time.

The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery specializes in correcting failed open back surgery through one of two specialized procedures: the Bonati Arthroscopic Laser Discectomy and the Bonati Arthroscopic Laser Foramenoplasty. In-depth information about these procedures, the facility, and complimentary MRI review is available at www.bonati.com.

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