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Facet Joint Pain

Along with vertebrae and spinal discs, your backbone consists of small facet joints that allow your back to make all sorts of controlled movements. These facet joints are located on either side of each vertebra and consist of bony knobs coated with a slippery cartilage that allows for smooth, comfortable motion.

With arthritis, however, the cartilage in joints begins to break down. When arthritis occurs in the facet joints the result is reduced range of movement and painful friction. Facet joint pain can affect any area of the spine. If it affects the cervical portion (the first seven vertebrae) for instance, the result will be neck pain and discomfort. If it affects the lumbar vertabrae, pain will be concentrated in the lower back.

Treating Facet Joint Pain
Once facet joint pain is diagnosed (often through the use of MRIs, X-rays and/or CT scans), a course of medication and physical therapy may be prescribed. However, if the joint pain cannot be managed using these means or if deteriorating facet joints are contributing to a larger condition, surgery may be a necessary step.

While open back surgery has a success rate of about 50 percent, The Bonati Proceures have a documented 90+ percent success rate. Other benefits of The Bonati Procedeures include smaller incisions, a shorter recovery period, less pain and an outpatient setting. The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery, located in Florida, is among the foremost spine surgery facilities in the nation. For further information and to request a complimentary MRI review, please visit the Institute's website: www.bonati.com.

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