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Degenerative Spine Arthritis

Degenerative spine arthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition. Arthritis normally comes about as the result of aging. The joints of the spine begin to deteriorate, breaking down the structure of the backbone. A healthy backbone consists of vertebrae stacked directly on top of one another with spongy discs acting as spacers. The holes through the vertebrae form a vertical tube for the spinal cord, which consists of 31 nerves and connects to various regions of the body.

With degenerative spine arthritis, a variety of events can conspire to create abnormal pressure on the spinal nerves. The discs of the spine may bulge, pressing into the spinal canal. Bony projections called osteophytes may form on the spine, compressing nerves and possibly causing discs to rupture. Ligaments that surround the discs may lose elasticity, leading to more friction in the spinal joints and causing the discs to break down further.

What Can Be Done for Degenerative Spine Arthritis
To diagnose degenerative spine arthritis, doctors typically turn to advanced imaging tools such as MRI machines. These images can show the precise location of the problem and can reveal damaged discs and canal narrowing. Depending upon the location of the arthritis and the exact form it takes, a variety of surgical options are available.

The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery, located in the Tampa Bay vicinity of Florida, offers several procedures designed to treat degenerative spine arthritis. Using advanced methods that reduce recovery time, complications and pain while increasing success rates, The Bonati Institute (www.bonati.com) has freed many spinal arthritis patients from pain.

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