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Degenerative Disc Disease Symptoms

Sandwiched between your vertebrae, the spinal discs consist of a jelly-like nucleus pulposus encased within a tougher skin called the annulus fibrosis. Normally these discs are right in line with the vertebrae, serving to cushion movements and prevent the bones of the spine from rubbing uncomfortably against one another. However, with degenerative disc disease, or DDD, these discs deteriorate, causing abnormal pressure on surrounding nerves and producing a range of painful symptoms.

When degenerative disc disease is localized in the upper portion of the spine, it is usually referred to as cervical spondylosis. When restricted to the lower segment of the spine, it is called lumbar spondylosis. The spinal cord, a bundle of 31 nerves, runs through the spinal canal, while nerve roots located near each vertebrae branch out to the body's extremities. With degenerative disc disease, symptoms typically include localized pain in the spine accompanied by symptoms of numbness or pain in the parts of the body connected to the affected nerves.

Degenerative Disc Disease Symptoms: Diagnosis and Treatment
Once diagnosed through the use of MRI or other advanced imaging equipment, serious cases of degenerative disc disease may be treated with surgery. At the Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery, specialized procedures have been developed to alleviate symptoms of DDD and other chronic spine conditions.

Arthroscopic surgery differs from traditional open back surgery in that surgery is minimally invasive and aided by a tiny endoscopic camera inserted through much smaller incisions. Laser technology has made it possible to surgically treat DDD with higher success rates, fewer complications, less pain and a shorter recovery period. Please see www.bonati.com for detailed information.

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