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Congenital Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition characterized by a progressive narrowing of the spinal canal, the vertical tube formed by the vertebrae that houses the 31 nerves of the spinal cord. Spinal stenosis is often the result of aging, but it can also be a congenital disorder. With congenital spinal stenosis, the patient is born with a narrow spinal canal due to abnormally formed parts of the spine. This condition is most common in patients with a short stature, such as achondroplastic dwarves.

The symptoms of congenital spinal stenosis depend on which portions of the nerves are being compressed. Generally, narrowing in the upper, or cervical, section of the spine produces pain and/or numbness in the shoulders, torso, hands, or arms. Narrowing in the lower, or lumbar, region of the spine produces similar symptoms in the calves, buttocks, thighs, or feet.

Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment for Congenital Spinal Stenosis
Congenital spinal stenosis tends to worsen progressively with age. Many people born with the condition may develop symptoms as early as the age of 15. An accurate diagnosis is essential, and can typically be made with the help of imaging equipment such as MRIs, X-rays or CT scans. For those suffering from congenital spinal stenosis, surgery can offer relief.

The Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery specializes in treating spinal stenosis and other spinal conditions with the most advanced procedures currently in practice. A decompressive laminectomy, an operation that widens the spinal canal, is most frequently used to treat congenital spinal stenosis. To learn more about the Bonati Institute and to request a complimentary MRI review, please visit the website at www.bonati.com.

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