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Cervical Spinal Stenosis

In cervical spinal stenosis, the spinal canal becomes increasingly narrow, putting pressure on the bundle of nerves that runs through it. This narrowing can result from a variety of factors, including general aging and wear-and-tear, ruptured discs, slipped vertebrae (spondylolisthesis), enlarged joints, and bone spurs. Cervical spinal stenosis can also be a congenital condition.

Spinal stenosis can affect any part of the spine, but it is most commonly found in the lower section of the spine (lumber region) and uppermost section of the spine (cervical region). With cervical spinal stenosis, the symptoms will include weakness, numbness, loss of muscle control and/or pain in the hands, arms, and shoulders.

How Cervical Spinal Stenosis is Diagnosed and Treated
Cervical spinal stenosis is most commonly diagnosed through a combination of medical history and MRI scans, CT scans, or X-rays. Other tests used to diagnose cervical spinal stenosis include myelograms (using a liquid dye) and bone scans. Some mild spinal stenosis conditions can be treated with conservative therapies such as rest, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medication, but more severe or advanced cases may require surgery.

At Florida's Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery, cervical spinal stenosis is addressed with an effective and safe procedure aimed at widening the spinal canal to relieve pressure on nerves. In contrast to open back surgery, The Bonati Procedures have a significantly higher success rate along with shortened recovery time, less risk of complications, and less tissue damage. For further details and to request a complimentary MRI review, please visit The Bonati Institute's website at www.bonati.com.

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