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Cervical Bone Spurs

Cervical bone spurs typically arise when the body attempts to compensate for deteriorating bone mass. These projections of bone, also called osteophytes, contribute to the narrowing of the cervical spinal canal, projecting directly into the space reserved for nerves or putting pressure on the spinal discs.

Spinal discs are like small cushions between the vertebrae. When a bone spur presses in on one of them, the disc itself may protrude into the cervical spinal canal, compressing nerves and causing pain and/or numbness in the immediate area as well as in the arms. Bone spurs may also cause a disc to rupture, or herniate.

Getting Cervical Bone Spurs Diagnosed and Treated
Cervical bone spurs will show up on an X-ray, CT scan or MRI. After your doctor has taken a complete medical history and you have discussed the type of pain and numbness you are feeling, one or more of these methods will typically be used to confirm diagnosis. If your bone spurs pose a serious problem to the health of your spine, surgery may be the right course of treatment.

The Bonati Institute for Arthroscopic Surgery (www.bonati.com), located in Florida, is among the foremost centers for spine surgery in the world. Using an advanced procedure that requires only very small incisions in the back, The Bonati Institute's surgeons use precise lasers to remove bone spurs and relieve pressure on nerves. Performed on an outpatient basis and requiring little recovery time, this method is far more efficient and successful than traditional open back surgery.

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