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Bulging Thoracic Discs

The seven vertebrae that make up the central section of the backbone are known as the thoracic spine. Between each of these vertebrae is a spongy disc that helps give flexibility to your spine and absorbs the shock from spinal movements. Normally, these discs are sandwiched directly between the vertebrae, forming a more or less continuous line. However, in some cases a disc can bulge out into the spinal column.

As with bulging discs in the rest of your spine, bulging thoracic discs may arise due to a variety of factors. In many cases simple aging can result in bulging discs. In fact, bulging discs affect much of the population and are not necessarily cause for concern. Many people have them without ever experiencing symptoms.

Symptoms of Bulging Thoracic Discs
However, if the bulge protrudes enough to narrow your spinal column or puts pressure on nerve roots, you will likely experience pain and/or numbness as a result. Bulging discs tend to cause more symptoms in the thoracic spine than in other regions, as there is not much extra space in this portion of the spinal canal.

Preferred surgical treatments for bulging thoracic discs are the advanced arthroscopic Bonati Procedures. Unlike traditional open back surgery, The Bonati Procedures require only a -inch to -inch incision. A miniaturized endoscopic camera magnifies the image of the pathology and the surgical path 50 times. The Bonati Institiute surgeons employ surgical micro-technology fed through the tube as well as precise lasers to perform the procedure. For more information please visit the website for the Bonati Institute for Advanced Arthroscopic Surgery at www.bonati.com.

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