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Bulging Disc Symptoms

The discs of your spine, sandwiched between your vertebrae, consist of a jellylike material (the nucleus pulposus) contained within a thin casing (the annulus fibrosis). Often, with aging, one of more discs in your spine will bulge slightly due to a variety of factors. Bulging can be caused by spinal bone spurs pushing out on the disc, collapsed space between vertebrae, and other degenerative conditions.

A bulging disc is known as a "contained" spinal disorder because the nucleus pulposus remains encased in the annulus fibrosis. At this stage, a bulging disc is not necessarily a serious problem. In fact, bulging discs are common among much of the population and many people do not experience symptoms. A bulging disc becomes problematic when it presses up against the nerves of the spinal column, causing numbness and/or pain.

Bulging Disc Symptoms Depend on Location
The precise nature of symptoms from a bulging disc will depend on where in the spine the disc is located. Some patients may experience symptoms of pain and discomfort in the legs and feet, others in the arms and in other regions of the body. The diagnosis for bulging discs is usually made after a complete medical history has been taken and MRIs, CT scans, and/or X-rays have confirmed the presence of bulging.

Some bulging discs may rupture, causing a herniated disc. With proper treatment, patients with bulging disc problems can expect to gain relief from their symptoms. With a 90+ percent success rate, the Bonati Procedures are a safe, comfortable and reliable outpatient option for treatment. For further information, please see www.bonati.com.

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